Component 2: Component Two: Program Operations and Technical Support


This component aims to strengthen the capacity of MoHE and universities to implement the reforms of the NHESP-II. Support under this component will cover coordination, capacity building, innovations, monitoring and evaluation, research and communication. The technical assistance and capacity building activities of this component will assist the MoHE to implement the development initiatives of the NHESP-II. Policy studies would include beneficiary feedback surveys of staff and students of institutions and programs supported by HEDP. Communication would enable higher education authorities to disseminate development initiatives to political authorities, policy makers, academics, students, and the general public. The component will also help MoHE to support pilots and innovative approaches such as the orientation of the universities in provincial towns to support the economic development of their provinces. This component will also finance incremental operating costs for an Operations and Monitoring Support Team (OMST) in the MoHE