Jawzjan University

As a prestigious educational institution in our beloved country Afghanistan, Jawzjan University is committed to provide quality; educational, scientific and research services and to continuously train young professional staff in various vital-economic disciplines in a high spirited and patriotic manner.


Message from Head of Jawzjan University

Strengthening higher education institutions in any country is considered as core needs and necessaries because universities serve as the main source and origin of the knowledge and the scientific-research centers in creation of pure ideas of human society, and are recognized as a place to develop, design and leadership of well-known technical-economic projects.

In most of the countries, higher education institutions are involved in all decision-making processes to ensure the well-being of the people and all the strategic and adaptive plans are made by the consultation of the instructors and masters.

Thus; the government officials and the policymakers’ struggle and efforts are always been on establishment and development of the scientific-research centers. They know that the inhabitants of different geographies according to their knowledge and ability to acquire, design, and execute scientific-research activities will bring solid and dramatic changes to their environment, and ultimately will improve their lives.

So the need for knowledge for individuals in all societies, especially in less developed and growing countries, is more noticeable than ever. Our beloved country, Afghanistan; as a developing country needs to promote the educational, teaching-learning and academic affairs to train scientific and professional experts (graduates); and due to the urgency of establishing and developing the educational institutions, a considerable number of public and private universities established in Afghanistan and continue to their academic activities.

The Jawzjan University, along with other educational institutions within the country, has been involved in providing educated and professional youth and graduates with the high skills and abilities to fulfill their obligations against the community to respond to demands of the job market, and since its inception, has provided valuable scientific services.


Masoud Haqbin

Chancellor of Jawzjan University

Message of Chancellor