Introduction of Jawzjan University:


          The University of Jawzjan has been established For the improvement of the national economy, accomplishing the initial needs of the society and for training academic individuals in field of engineering, education, social science, Economy and Law based on national and international level,.

Jawzjan University is one the famous universities of the country, and Its graduates have main role in solving existing problems and improvement of national economy in manufacturing and educational departments.

With request and initiative of local people, educated and cultural ones of Jawzjan & Sar-e- Pul Province, at the year of 1987 the first educational institution by the name of (Teacher’s Training Institute) was established.

At the year of 1994 the (Teacher’s Training Institute) was changed in to the name of Mir Ali Shir Nawaee Pedagogical Institute and continued its academic and teaching affairs under the tow faculties (Natural Science and Social Science), also at the same year an engineering section was separated for University of Balkh and under name of Mines and Industries Institute started its academic and scientific affairs in the field of Mines and Geology.

According to the decision of the Ministry of High Education in 2001, the two mentioned institutes were merged and continued their academic activities by the name of Jawzjan Higher Education Institute.

At the year of 2008 for the hardworking of the academic teachers and institute authorities, having the capacities and professional skills, and after evaluation of central team and with the approval of MoHE, it promoted to Highest Academic Center (Jawzjan University).