Biography of University Chancellor


Eng. Masoud “Haqbin “is Chancellor of Jawzjan University / Sheberghan City, Jawzjan Province / Afghanistan.

Mr. Masoud “Habin “Son of M. Salim was born in Sheberghan city, Jawzjan Province.  He has graduated from the University of Jawzjan with a Bachelor of Oil & Gas in Geology & Mines in 2005.

After receiving his education with high level successfully, based on competency Mr. Masoud “ Haqbin “  was employed as lecturer in Department of Geology, Discovery & Extraction of Oil & Gas Areas of Geology & Mines Faculty in 1385 / 2006 and became Academic Member of Jawzjan University.

In addition of his academic affairs and teaching, he later worked as acting administrator of Teaching Department for a while, since 2007 to 2010 he also was responsible for all arrangement of IT activities in Jawzjan University and for improvement and strengthening of IT section, he participated at short term workshops & trainings internally and externally at (Holland, Turkish, Arab United Nation & Hindustan) countries which had much achievements.

Through having good management and leadership, positive attitude and with the decision and volition of university, he later worked as vice chancellor for Finance & Administrative Affairs in Jawzjan University.

In 2012 Mr. Masoud “ Haqbin “ through World Bank Scholarships, introduced to Thailand country for taking Master degree, At the year of 2015 he successfully completed the program and received his Master degree form Institute of Asia Technology of that country.

He attended Jawzjan University back and followed his academic affairs as a lecturer at the Department of Geology, Discovery and extraction of Oil & Gas as well as being Head of Research Committee of Geology and Mines Faculty.

Based on having good qualifications, competency, management, leadership and with decision of Ministry of Higher Education and approval of Afghanistan Presidency, since February 2016 Mr. Masoud “ Haqbin “ has been appointed as Chancellor of Jawzjan University.