Name: M.Hussain 

Father/N: Ab.Hakim

Position: University Operation Coordinator / HEDP - WB

Email: / 

Phone#: (+93) 799 460 141    / (+93) 780 332 004

Job Summary:

The position is for the duration of the project, subject to satisfactory performance. There will be a probation period of three months. Annual performance evaluations will be organized by the Director OMST. Feedback will be obtained from the MoHE and university for the performance evaluation.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The main duties and responsibilities of the University Operations Coordinator are to:

  1. The University Operations Coordinator works under the direct supervision of the Operations Manager for Universities and regularly reports to the Director of the OMST.
  2. Play a key role in planning, coordination and management of HEDP supported activities in the university.
  3. Play a key role in the development of annual, semi-annual, quarterly plans and progress reports of the university as relevant to the HEDP. 
  4. Assist the Chancellors in the implementation and monitoring of HEDP activities including Academic Affairs, Professional and Faculty Staff Development, Curriculum Revision and Material Development, provision of Infrastructure, Teaching, and Learning Facilities, in Research and Graduate Instructions, Governance, Capacity Building, and Financial Affairs, in Access, Expansion, and Higher Education Structure, Accreditation and Quality Assurance.
  5. Assist in strengthening the capacity of the university administration in development of annual and semi-annual action plans and reporting system.
  6. Undertake any other duties as directed by the managers for the university operations, the OMST to enable the results of the HEDP to be delivered.


• Good knowledge of local administrative, budgetary and financial practices
• Effective human resource management skills
• Effective Project Management Skills
• Effective Financial Management & Administration Skills
• Effective Core Budget projects knowledge
• Good Knowledge of Procurement and Logistics Management
• Ability to work in crises management
• Effective organizational and administrative skills
• Good knowledge of employment and economic development issues
• Be able to communicate effectively both in the written and oral mode
• Be culturally sensitive and possess good interpersonal skills
• Be a self-starter and be able to work without supervision
• Be well organized, reliable and able to deliver quality outcomes on time
• Possess critical thinking and analytical skills
• Must be willing to travel throughout Afghanistan


University degree in Education, Project Management, Public Administration, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Mathematics, Business, Economics or an equivalent field, at least 4-years relevant working experience and relevant experience coordinating donor funded projects. 

• Ability to speak, read and write excellent English, produce project reports in English for regular and continuous presentations and computer literate
• Ability to interact with senior academics and administrative staff in the universities
• Ability to work with and be a partner of a team of diverse backgrounds
• Ability to work efficiently and to meet deadlines
• Ability to function effectively in a team environment inspiring trust and cooperation of other team members
• Strong communication, negotiating skills and good interpersonal relations .