Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


In contemporary times, research and technology wield significant influence in fostering autonomy and sustainable development. Societies worldwide prioritize organizational planning, mission statements, visions, goals, strategies, executive policies, and solutions. Undoubtedly, the aim of such an approach is to establish environments and resources conducive to expanding the horizons of knowledge, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and addressing the evolving needs of society.

The primary duty and responsibility of the Academic Vice-Chancellor of Jowzjan University entail fostering education and research, thereby cultivating specialized and innovative human capital within the university. To uphold this responsibility, the Vice-Chancellor adheres to principles such as academic freedom, scientific impartiality, legal compliance, promotion of scientific excellence, maintenance of discipline and educational standards, and support for research and innovation. These principles form the foundation of standard and dynamic higher education. The Vice-Chancellor is dedicated to nurturing specialized, dedicated, and creative human resources, considering it an honor to serve both the people of Afghanistan and humanity as a center of scientific excellence.

Five key strategic objectives guide our endeavors: enhancing teaching quality, addressing the socio-economic needs of the nation, ensuring student satisfaction, achieving full autonomy as a state university, and transitioning Jawzjan University from a knowledge-centric institution to a research-focused university. This transformation places emphasis on knowledge generation, wealth creation, and fostering entrepreneurship.

Amidst the rapid evolution of science and technology and the growing demands of society, we have consistently and thoughtfully updated our educational curricula to ensure the delivery of high-quality education. Each of our programs adheres to internationally recognized standards. Consequently, we have successfully crafted and implemented 41 bachelor's programs. Furthermore, we offer a range of extracurricular activities aimed at fostering the physical and intellectual development of our students.

Furthermore, Jawzjan University has established collaborative partnerships and agreements with diverse governmental agencies, academic institutions, and research centers, both domestically and internationally, to facilitate strategic research planning. Through the dedicated efforts of our professors and staff, alongside my personal commitment, we aim to empower students to generate innovative ideas, acquire knowledge, and develop skills that contribute to the betterment of society.


Dr. Abdulbasir Mahmoodzad

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