Vision & Mission


Promoting the Jawzjan University to a nationally and regionally-based benchmarked institution that is committed and responsive to market and community demands.


Jawzjan University is dedicated to establish and excellence a platform in providing high quality and standard teaching and learning, train experts who believe in national and Islamic values and serve Afghanistan honestly.


  • Precision and rigor in academic activities (Creativity, Formulation and pragmatism in knowledge)
  • Respect and support freedom (to pursue and achieve financial and scientific independence) 
  • Honesty (engaging respect for ethical conduct and adherence to national values)
  • Accountability Responsibility, accepting responsibility for achievement of goals and objectives
  • Equality (having regard for individuals without any gender, ethnical and group prejudice), delivery and equity
  • Worthy (Considering in a manner that the quality of task, value of services and implementation of programs
  • Creativity, initiative and effort
  • Accepting responsibility to observe and request accountability principles and establish transparency in the implementation
  • Trustworthy (Being honest to share, respect and equalizing between colleagues and avoid monopolism


  • Supervision on how academic teaching-learning services are delivered
  • Setting and triggering promoting and developing the scientific-research programs
  • Promoting the scientific and professional level of academic and administrative staff
  • Planning and designing of tasks for implementing master's degree
  • Modernizing and developing of standard infrastructure in teaching and research
  • Attempting to develop recruitment and recruitment capacity